НаLearn to design
with trendy techniques online at the
"Cakes Extravaganza"те "Феерия тортов"

Learn to design
with trendy techniques online at the
"Cakes Extravaganza"

Приглашаем вас окунуться в необычный фееричный декор тортов, вдохновится новыми идеями , научиться создавать из простых ингредиентов имитации тканей с различными текстурами, попробовать свои силы в создании тортов в нашем флешмобе по окончании курса и побороться за приятные призы от Натальи Бондаренко

Become a part
of the creative space
for confectioners "Cakes Extravaganza"
by Natalya Bondarenko

Learn to design
with trendy techniques online at the
"Cakes Extravaganza"
soft, transparent material - veil, organza (drapes, textures, drawings)

subtle, thin, silky, satin silk (draperies, ribbons, bows)

dense material with lace texture (panne velvet)

Transparent material

Panne velvet fabric

During education you will learn to create

An unforgettable atmosphere of magic and creativity awaits you.
You'll be charged with creative inspiration

I'm inviting you to plunge into the unusual enchanting decor of cakes, be inspired by new ideas, learn how to create imitation fabrics with different textures from simple ingredients, try your hand at creating cakes.
Welcome to my world, dear fairies and wizards!

Natalya Bondarenko
author of the project &
Creator of "Academy of Confectionery Fairies"
You will learn the technique of making fantasy flowers, leaves from these materials.

As an additional decor to the "veil"
there will be another development of "Chocoart" (coatings, textures, flowers). And also "Chocoart" soft (second recipe) for draperies.

Edible, made for decorations

Flowers & Leaves

2 types of Chocoart
Soft and hard lace
После прохождения курса вы сможете:

Cake decor
Multi-tier cake

Multi-tier cake
Cake decor
Cake decor
"Delicate bow"
Cake decor
"Summer time"

  • Your own edible fabrics - silk, veil, lace and decorate cakes with them, you will have several recipes for different effects, life hacks.

  • Fabric-like flowers out of them

  • Flowers in molds from Chocoart, do their correct coloring

  • Textures from Chocoart

  • Simple textures on ganache cakes
After the course you can make:

One-tier cake
One-tier cake

Decorate with the help of modern techniques not only wedding cakes, but also any festive ones.
One-tier cake

Multi-tier cake

This is the Cake Decorating Course!
There will be no baking or cake assembly.

We will direct all our energy to a large knowledge base on the production of trendy decor.
The course is suitable for confectioners of any skill level. Techniques are simple but effective, the ingredients are accessible

You will communicate with like-minded confectioners and with the author of the course in a general chat.

Frequent questions
All lessons are recorded, you can watch the lessons at your convenience.

Access 1 year or 365 days from project start. Courses can be extended at the end of the term.
There are no tasks on the course, but it is desirable to work out the material during the training so that you can immediately ask questions

You can get a certificate if you pass the final report on the course

€100 euro+fee